The proposed complex is the future of the economy.

  • The total volume of all waste is more than 96 billion tons
  • The annual volume of solid waste generation is about 65 million tons
  • No more than 15% of waste is recycled

The daily formation and accumulation of a huge amount of production and consumption waste entails:

  • Contamination of soil, ground and underground water;
  • The risk of an increase in the number of diseases;
  • Decline in the standard of living of the population;
  • Alienation of economically significant lands;
  • Accumulation of environmental damage;
  • Freezing the potential of renewable energy resources.

Other hydrocarbon-containing wastes can be processed in the same way:

  • Fly ash
  • Waste of rubber products, car tires
  • Solid household waste (landfill)
  • Disposal of waste oil from industrial enterprises and car dealerships
  • Disposal of railway sleepers
  • Medical and biological waste

It is possible to obtain from synthetic gas:

  • Electrical and thermal energy
  • Synthetic liquid fuel
  • Ethers Pulverized coal fuel
  • Alcohols
  • Propane-butane fraction gas

The ash residue can be used for:

  • Construction production
  • Rubber products
  • Pulverized coal fuel


The problems of waste disposal have become very acute today in all spheres of human life. The needs of billions of people for food, warmth, comfort and the benefits of modern civilization entail the formation of trillions of tons of waste, including toxic waste.

The most progressive part of humanity has long been concerned about the scale of this problem, and is trying to find a solution.

There are many such methods developed and used, starting from the simplest combustion with the purification of gorenje products, and ending with processing, for subsequent use as a feedstock.

An innovative way to solve the problem

We offer a waste processing complex based on vortex thermal destruction (patent RU 2,667,985 C1).

Vortex thermal destruction is the decomposition of organic compounds at temperatures from 600 to 900 degrees Celsius without oxygen access in a special configuration reactor. The process is characterized by a high rate of impact on the raw material, as a result of which its explosive "boiling" occurs, accompanied by the transition of the main part of the substance to a gaseous state.

The complex is able to process any kind of organic waste into high-calorie synthesis gas, without preliminary sorting of waste. Along the way, heat will be released, and an absolutely inert ash residue will be formed.

Synth gas is an ideal fuel for internal combustion engines. The process of combustion of such fuel in an internal combustion engine is similar to the combustion of any other gases. As with the combustion of propane-butane, methane, etc., practically no harmful substances are released, due to the absence of resins, paraffin, lead and sulfur in the gases. For the same reason, the engine itself works softer and quieter, no carbon deposits are formed on the parts, and, as a result, the resource increases. Cars, generators and any heat engines can run on sintezgaz.Synth gas can also be used for heating and household needs.

The heat released during processing is advantageous to use for heating buildings located near the complex, due to which it is possible to reduce heating costs and the amount of harmful emissions from boiler rooms.

The ash residue is suitable for construction, which will reduce the production of natural materials used in construction now.

Our complex is also distinguished by its mobility. It has a modular design, due to which it can be easily moved by conventional ground transport. Thanks to this property, the costs of waste transportation, which takes up the lion's share of the total costs, will be reduced.

Summing up, it can be noted that the proposed complex is the future of the economy.

It will solve not only the problems with the accumulation of garbage, but also turn this waste into income. Not only individual enterprises, but also entire countries that do not have large energy resources will be able to provide themselves with the necessary energy, simultaneously cleaning up nature.

Countries with access to oil and gas fields will be able to improve the environment and also reduce the production of natural energy resources.

Thus, our complex can become a ticket to a future with a clean and rich natural world planet, and without problems with energy.

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