The main problem of pulp and paper mills is the huge amount of technical lignin released during wood processing.

Plant tissue consists mainly of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.

Lignin is a naturally occurring polymer found in plants that provides mechanical strength and tightness to the cell walls. Hardwoods contain up to 25% of lignin and conifers up to 38%.

Wood processing results in other lignins, technical ones. Technical lignins include hydrolytic lignins and lignins found in waste liquors from sulfite-cellulose and sulfate-cellulose industries. It is this kind of technical lignin that poses a danger in view of its toxicity and mutagenic activity. Utilization of lignin is currently a serious problem.

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Solution to the problem

The waste processing complex we offer is capable of processing lignin into a high-calorific synthesis gas and completely harmless ash residues. A distinctive feature of our complex is its mobility. The complex can be installed directly at the place where large amounts of lignin are stored and it does not need to be transported. The resulting syngas can be used to generate electricity or to heat industrial premises.

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