There are several such methods:

1. Prolongation of the shelf life directly at the place of operation
2. Regeneration
3. Dehydration
4. Cracking
5. Physico-chemical methods of waste oil utilization
- Coagulation
- Ion exchange purification
6. incineration


These methods have their drawbacks. So, any cleaning can not bring the oil to its original state, therefore, this oil will not be used to lubricate oil-sensitive units, which are almost all modern engines.

Physico-chemical methods are too expensive, and are not of interest even for large companies.

Due to these disadvantages, oil processing becomes unprofitable, and, as a result, a huge amount of oil is burned. The products of oil combustion are thoroughly cleaned, but some of the harmful substances still remain and enter the atmosphere. In addition, the cleaning equipment is expensive, and often small businesses cannot afford it, as a result of which the oil simply spills into the environment, destroying entire eco-biological systems. A liter of oil, getting into the water, can pollute a million liters of water. The oil has a mutagenic effect, and affects the reproductive functions of organisms.

Of the 15 million tons of used oils per year, the share of them entering the secondary processing or regeneration is about 1.5 million tons; it is used as fuel-10.5 million tons; it enters the biosphere-3.0 million tons, which is almost half of the liquid petroleum products entering the biosphere annually.

There is a known case when the Cuyahoga River in Ohio was so saturated with flammable industrial waste, including waste oil, that in the summer of 1969 she flushed. As a result, two railway overpasses burned down.


The proposed waste processing complex is able to process used oil into high-calorie synthesis gas, suitable not only for combustion in boilers, as a cracking fuel. Cars and electric generators can work at synthetic gas.

During the combustion of syngas, much less harmful substances are released than during the combustion of processed oil, and the processing technology is much cheaper than physical and chemical methods.

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